Cinema Lenses

Arri Signature Prime 6 Lens Set

18mm Arri Signature Prime​ T1.8

25mm Arri Signature Prime​ T1.8

35mm Arri Signature Prime​ T1.8

47mm Arri Signature Prime​ T1.8

75mm Arri Signature Prime​ T1.8

125mm Arri Signature Prime​ T1.8

The ARRI Signature Primes lenses offer a unique look never seen before in cinema. Warm, smooth skin; open shadows with crisp blacks; and bokeh like looking through a window in the rain. The timeless look of Signature Primes will never go out of style.

"The image that the Mini LF and the Signature Primes produce, seems to me, more like what my eyes see than anything else I have experienced so far.” 

- Roger Deakins, ASC

Canon RF Lenses
  • Canon RF 24-105 F4

  • Canon RF 100-500 F4.5-7.1

Camera Packages

Arri Alexa Mini LF 4.5K Raw Camera
  • ALEXA Mini LF Camera Body

  • Arri LPL mount, PL to LPL adapter

  • USB Codex drive reader, 2x Codex 1TB Compact drives

  • Multi Viewfinder, 2x VF cables

  • Viewfinder bracket Mini adapter plate

  • Center camera handle

  • Side bracket MSB-3

  • Side bracket MSB-2

  • Compact bridge plate

  • Rear accessory bracket

  • 15mm reduction insert and 2x 15mm lightweight rods

  • Vmount power splitting Box MKII

  • Bottom plate 300mm/12", Power cable straight

  • Red Rock Black Pro Follow focus

  • 4x 98 watt HyperCore V-mount batteries, dual charger

  • 2x 150 watt Hyper Core V-mount batteries, dual charger

  • Manfroto 526 3 stage tripod

  • Custom Pelican Air case

Canon R5 8K Raw Camera
  • 8K Raw video

  • shoulder mount kit

  • 3x Canon LP-E6NH batteries and 2x chargers

  • Sandisk  512GB CF express and 64 GB SD card

  • usb3.0 CFexpress card reader

  • SmallRig cage and Top handle

  • Redrock Black Pro Follow Focus

  • .6ND and .9 NDIR filters

  • 2 stage 4x4 matte box

  • Canon RF-EF adapter

  • 77mm Tiffen 6 stop ND filter

  • 77mm Hoya Polarizer filter

  • Atomos Ninja V monitor recorder kit

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